Career as a Mutual Fund Advisor

There is a great opportunity exists for Financial Planners in India as >35% of the world's youth live in India of which 54% are below 25 Years of age and it is assumed that by year 2013, India will have 33% productive youth. Why Mutual Fund? Mutual Funds are the product that is not much penetrated in Indian market as compared to Insurance. So there is a great opportunity exists for young youth who are interested to make their career in Financial Planning as there are approximately more than 15 Lakhs Insurance Agents available whereas the Mutual Funds Agents are less than 50000 in the market. So there is less competition for selling the Mutual Funds.
Now coming to the question of why one should sell Mutual Funds? There are number of reasons can be listed for the answer. Lets us see one by one in brief why one should sell Mutual Fund products.

1. It is easy to make more clients by selling mutual funds because as told earlier the penetration of Mutual Funds in Indian market is low as compared to Insurance Products. So there is more opportunity to acquire clients. As you become certified consultant you know the product well and hence higher success ratio to begin with the selling Mutual Funds.

2. Less competition in market as again informed earlier there are very less Mutual Funds Agents available in India (AMFI Certification is Mandatory to sell Mutual Funds) as compared to Insurance Products. So you can easily sell the product. Also there is a huge demand of Quality Mutual Funds Agent across the Mutual Fund Companies.

3. With this Certification your client will be more satisfied as he knows that you have thorough knowledge of product as you have completed the AMFI Certification. With mutual funds in your offering, you are in a much better position to fully meet the client’s financial and investment needs.

4. Good Source of Income: Mutual Fund Agents gets attractive income in terms of commission. Mutual fund is one product today that potentially has no limits to the volumes that you can generate. Unlike insurance, where income is based on the premium you collect, in mutual funds income is only the amount collected as well as on the entire AUM (Assets Under Management) that you mobilize. Over long term you make much more money than doing insurance or any such product!!!

5. Strong Industry Growth ahead: Indian economy growth is intact. There is a very strong growth of mutual funds ahead. The reasons are many – good product, low penetration, huge market, growing income, changing mindset, lack of other attractive investment products, etc. Mutual funds have all the products to match the different needs of different investors.

6. Retention & Loyalty of the Clients: People today look for easy, fast, and single service point that provides them with solutions that meets their multiple needs. The client would probably invest in mutual funds some day or later. Why not you do the same before anyone else gets to your client?

7. Greater choice of products: Mutual Fund products basket is very big and varied meeting every individuals need and capacity. The basket would include pure Equity funds (Diversified / Sectoral / Index Funds) to pure Debt funds (Gilt / Income / Short Term Plans / Floating / Liquid Funds) to Hybrid funds (MIPs / Balance / Arbitrage Funds) to the Tax Saving ELSS.

The first step in becoming a Mutual Fund Advisor is appearing for AMFI Certification Examination. After clearing the same and taking the registration number (ARN code) you can start advising and selling mutual funds.

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  1. I am having 100 Mutual Fund units but the share is going down, pls tell which is the right time to sell Mutual Fund units? Pls give some tips


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