Buy AMFI Exam Certification Preparation Kit

AMFI Exam Preparation Kit contains 3 books and 1 CD. Pl go through the following details:

Book 1 AMFI exam preparation Book Price Rs.150

Book 2 AMFI exam Model Question papers (Along with Answers) Price Rs.100

Book 3 AMFI exam – Last Day Revision Price Rs.150

1 CD AMFI Exam - Training CD + AMFI Mock Tests (Animated) Price Rs.150

Total Cost of AMFI Kit Rs.550/- Only


For home delivery order please email me on . For bulk orders we also give discounts. Please write for more details.


  1. Hi,
    Please let me know how can I buy the Kit.

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    Please send me the request in the mail id provided in my post. Thanks for your interest in the Kit.

  3. What is the current course fee of that exam.

  4. does the book provided by you sufficient for for scoring above 60-70%....?

  5. I am aspiring to work as front office executive in MF company..I want to know which exam i have to appear, AMFI or NISM..

    And what is the difference between these two..

  6. Hi Satish,
    AMFI is not conducted by NISM, so you can go for Basic course or Advanced AMFI Course.

  7. Will take up NISM Mutual Fund Distributor Exam shortly .Do you have a separate Study Kit for this exam
    Or else Kit prepared for AMFI Mutual Fund Advisor
    will hold good.Please Clarify

  8. Hello Anonymous,

    The AMFI Mutual Fund Advisor book is more than sufficient to clear with good score. You can refer to this blog for your last day revision.

    All the Best

  9. Thank you Very much for your effors.
    free online AMFI, NCFM, Derivatives Mock Tests -Here

  10. i didn't understand the role of amfi distrubutor exam and fees of amfi exam and difference between amfi exam and nism certification

  11. amfi distrributor exam fees,its features,its role.also make a amfi distributors examination branches in every cannot understand all the details through your website as i is confused among the students of peoples.which website is available for amfi exammination.


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