About AMFI Certification

Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI) is the committee which registers the fund distributors, test and certify their competence, and has the power to deny registration to distributors for failing the test or violating AMFI Code of Conduct. So to become a Mutual Funds Advisor one has to pass the AMFIs Mutual Funds Advisor test. There are two certification tests - one is Basic Module which is meant for general public students and others and this test is based on basic concepts and working of Mutual Funds. The second is Advisors Module which is mandatory for agent - distributors and all those engaged in the marketing and selling of mutual fund schemes to pass the Advisors Module and get themselves registered with AMFI.

Let us first know why one should sell Mutual Funds
1 - Its easy to make more clients
2 - Less competition in market for Distributors unlike Insurance Agents
3 - More satisfaction to clients
4 - Attractive source of income
5 - Strong industry growth ahead
6 - Retention and loyalty of clients
7 - Greater choice of products
8 - Be a competitive Financial Advisor
9 - Beating the competition and growing
So how to start for getting the AMFI Certified Mutual Funds Advisor.

1 - You have to register for the Advisor Module test first. The test is taken both ways i.e. online test as well as Written Test. Mostly people go for online test as it is convenient in process and the result is also on the spot. To register for the test online you can visit the NSE website at http://www.nseindia.com

2 - When you register you will get the all details like the date and venue of the exams, fees, where to get the study materials etc. For study materials I prefer to use AMFI Work book which is available at AMFI Office at address below

Association of Mutual Funds India
709, Raheja Centre, Free Press Journal Marg,
Nariman Point, Mumbai 400 021, India.
The price of the workbook is Rs.300/-. You can also get the book by ordering Post/Courier by sending DD.

3 - How to prepare for the exam? The best way is to study the full AMFI work book once thoroughly. After that you start solving the mock tests available in many AMCs websites and lot of Mock tests questions are available in ISC Question sections also for AMFI Mock test.

4 - The test is objective type multiple selection option test. You have to select the write answer. It’s a 3 hour test but usually the test completes by 1 hour time. The center of the test will be notified to you by email and SMS also.

5 - Once you clear the test you have to register your name with AMFI to get the ARN number. The ARN number is used to create the Asset under Management AUM which will in turn give the trail commission to you. For getting the ARN- Number you have to apply to AMFI registered CAMS center. The details of this process can be available from AMFI website at http://www.amfiindia.com

6 - Once you register for ARN Number you will get the ARN Number and a Certificate and ARN Card which is used for canvassing purpose. You can then either registers with any AMC like SBI, HDFC, UTI etc or start you own business by quoting your ARN Number. This ARN Number is valid for 5 years and it is to be renewed after that.
For more details about the AMFI Advisor Module please visit the AMFI Website at http://www.amfiindia.com


  1. Thank you Very much for your effors.
    free online AMFI, NCFM, Derivatives Mock Tests -Here

  2. Dear Sowmya,
    This is Prashanth K S From Banglore, recently i
    have spoke to you over the phone regarding NISM Series-V-A:MF
    Distribution certification Examination , If you can provide me Model
    question paper of Mutual fund so that i can take the exam last time i
    took the exam with the help of Mock test and Nism books but i am not
    finding any extra value added service i got failed if you can provide
    me which related to MF Exam Paper ,so that i can pass this exam in my
    next slot hope to here from you fruitfull feed back at the earliest.

    Waiting for your valuable feed back at the earliest.

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